Let’s relate…Spincycle Country

This week I’m taking a break from my usual in order to address a very much appreciated nomination for a blogging award called the Liebster Award.  For the non-bloggers, there exist a number of “blogging awards” that bloggers bestow on each other and I am very honoured and grateful to have received these nominations…though you wouldn’t know it given my sheer laziness!

I was nominated a number of months ago by a fellow blogger, Jolene, who has a great blog called, Valley Girl Gone Country.  Jolene, I am honoured and thank you very much.  Upon receiving this nomination, writer of a very candid blog called Witless Dating After Fifty, Robin, nominated me for five more awards!  Thank you again. I am taking forever to get to these but here’s the Liebster response to start…

Jolene asked the following 11 questions to her nominees which I’m supposed to answer.  After which I nominate 11 other bloggers (with under 200 followers but I’m going to adhere loosely to this rule…or perhaps not at all?)  Then, onto 11 interesting facts about me, which I will put forward in a separate post.

1.  Describe your blog in five words.

Funny, witty, silly, thought-provoking (ok that’s not quite a single word…), emotive

2. What inspired you to start blogging?

I was returning home on a train ride following an important work meeting where I was, once again, the “#2” at the table. Frustrated at not having my voice heard, I wrote a facebook post about my day.  I had forgotten that I could actually write…a friend told me I needed to start blogging and the rest, as they say, is history!

3. Do you ever want to throw your hands up in the air and stop blogging?

YES!!  Especially when I feel like I’m boring my followers!

4. Are you currently in love and with what or who?

Yes, absolutely…Mr. Niceguy, of course.  And the almost 8 (!!) year old and now 4 year old.  My family, especially my mom, dad, sister, and all the extensions and accessories ( you know who you are!) are the loves of my life.

5. How many times have you been in love?

CORNY ALERT!!!  Love is an absolute intoxicating feeling…isn’t it?  So definitely many times.  But as for the kind that really grips you, and makes you feel like you are in an absolute state of euphoria – 3 times:  (1) Mr. Niceguy…though that was a love that built slowly (2) when the 7 year old was born, he was taken away immediately to be cleaned up and then was brought back and handed to me…my BFF was there and I knew I was in love and finally (3) in the still of the night, when everyone else was asleep at the hospital and it was very, very quiet…while I stared at the now 4 year old and wondered if I could be a mom, one more time.

6. Do you identify as carnivore, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, or something I haven’t mentioned on here?

Nope.  Having said that, I’m not at all adventurous with my food – unless it’s cheese.  And I will not eat anything that calls its home the water as I believed it to be cannibalism when I was much, much younger, being born under the Cancer zodiac sign.  Don’t ask!!

7. Does internal health or external beauty influence your healthy food choices more? and if you don’t ever choose healthy, tell us why.

No.  Not really.  Having spent the better part of my teenage years on yo-yo diets, I have come to learn that moderation is key and to take the opportunity for decadence every once and a while.  Though as I mature, I’m amazed at just how much a part food plays in our overall emotional and mental wellbeing.

8. When you get two spare hours, do you chill or play?

Hmmm…I don’t believe I get very many spare hours…but I do love TV!

9. What is your favorite activity? Go ahead, say what you want.

Weird to say but being on vacation.  Any opportunity to try and see new places and cultures I welcome.

10. Sexting, yay or nay?

Hmmm…I’ve always had this strange fear of being screened by the CIA…and as a rule, never put in writing what can later be used against you.

11. One wish is granted to you – what do you wish for?

The ability to enjoy every moment – to really relish in the present and leave all the worrying behind.


Now for the next part…here are the 11 facts about me!

1.  I never thought that I’d be a stay-at-home-mom even though I always knew that I would never leave the raising of my children to someone else.

2.  I at the same time love being the centre of attention, while I can be extremely shy to grab the spotlight.

3.  Following from #2, some of my greatest moments have been when I’ve had to make speeches or perform in front of large audiences…the bigger the stakes, the better I perform.

4.  A “Euro-trip” just before I started my MBA would impact my life forever…

5.  As would the MBA that followed for that is where I found Mr. Niceguy (rather, where he found me).

6.  I am a huge supporter of education and higher education – but I believe that sometimes the best learning comes from just DOING!

7.  There’s a line in a song by One Republic, “I feel something so right, doing the wrong thing” which I think is the key to MY life.  Fear equals paralysis.  There’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone, or box, boundaries, whatever you call it to make you REALLY feel alive.

8.  I absolutely love the game of soccer.

9.  I have always, always admired people who can think on their feet.  I always seem to come up with the greatest comeback after the fact!

10.  Sometimes, I fear, I am far too nice…and unfortunately, in this world, sometimes you have to get aggressive to get where you want to go.

11.  I am one of the moodiest extroverts I know…a tough combination to be around so thank you to my friends and family – and especially Mr. Niceguy – who stay riding on my roller coaster…

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