Spincycle diaries:  confessions of a modern-day renaissance woman

As a woman, new to the fourth decade, I’m constantly trying to balance work and life along with a whole host of other things and on most days, success doesn’t fit into my vernacular.  After a long career at a top global financial services firm where I raised millions of dollars for some of the country’s most influential organizations, I’ve decided to try and make it on my own – to chart my own course!  After all, there’s gotta be more to life…

Like many in the same boat, I’m trying to have it all – though a lot of the time it just feels like I’m treading water…

Armed with a talent for communications and strategy, I like to wear sky high heels, pretty dresses and hoop earrings and although the quality of my day directly correlates with how good my hair looks, I can make decisions and get the job done!  I can also whip on some boots and dig up a lawn, I can wield a brush and paint, I can coach my son’s soccer team and get dinner on the table without missing a beat.  I’m a self-proclaimed modern-day renaissance woman.

I invite you to follow my trials and tribulations – for surely they must ring true for you!  Almost a year ago, I started writing this blog.  It was a huge risk for me and something wildly different but it paid off as before I knew it, my blog became published.  I never realized (or rather, didn’t remember) that I could write and tell stories…it’s truly the chance of a lifetime.

So, budding entrepreneur by day, mom by night, and writer anytime in between…all while being a sister, a daughter, a wife (to Mr. Niceguy – the nicest guy you’ll ever meet) and a friend.  Read my blog and catch up on my adventures…no doubt some will make you laugh – while others will surely make you scratch your head!!!  We’re all in this together…

Enjoy and I look forward to your comments – they’re a source of inspiration, thought, critique, and allow me to relate.  Most of all, I appreciate your efforts at leaving one.  They mean more than you know…

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Very cool header. And an equally cool blog. Though maybe I shouldn’t be saying that in public as it may damage the douchebag rep I’ve been working so hard on creating.

    Regarding your comment about traffic/followers/a potential book… it’s hard isn’t it? Whilst I agree that this blogging thing is a lot of fun. It can get you down when it seems no one is interested… Not sure what my long term goal is anymore but I’ll keep at it. As should you.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my site. I’ll see you around the interwebs…

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